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CAP 90 ๐Ÿ›๏ธ Antik ๐‘ช๐’๐’“๐’† ๐‘บ๐’•๐’‚๐’•๐’Š๐’๐’โ„ข | Go ๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ•.๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ”.๐Ÿ๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ’ | Cap 90 | Only Ch | Fgw | Old School

Core Station Offline
Jan 27, 2024


[GRAND OPENING] 07.06.2024 (FRIDAY) 19:00 Server Time (GMT +01:00)



โš ๏ธ First of all we want to apologize by every single player who left us! We understand now that the good old days period is sadly over.... That's why we decided to Re-Open our project and bring a fresh atmosphere. โœฆ

โญ FAQ -> Why you should join back?
๐Ÿ”น We realized that we're a privat server and we should handle like this.
๐Ÿ”น The silk prices were to high.
๐Ÿ”น The start items were to less for a new starting server.
๐Ÿ”น Mistakes on the stacks and some rules.

โœ… We offer your now!
๐Ÿ”˜ Like 70% cheaper silk prices.
๐Ÿ”˜ Better start items.
๐Ÿ”˜ Start in Re-Open with silk.
๐Ÿ”˜ A long term server.

๐Ÿ“ข Everyone who played in Core Station will be rewarded in Re-Open!
โœฆ Everyone who donated, will be recharged with Core Pearls based on the new prices!
โœฆ Players who dont donated will be rewarded with silk also based on the play time minutes!
โœฆEveryone starts at level 1.
โœฆ Your Account still exist, you dont need to register again.

โœฆ โฃ๏ธ Give us a second chance to make all these things better โค๏ธ

Questions and Support:
Our dedicated support team is available 24/7. Visit our forum to connect with like-minded individuals and share your ideas.
โ€ขโ€ข [Forum] โ€ขโ€ข
We are excited to be back after 7 years of hard work and hiatus, eagerly awaiting the return of old Silkroad players. Let's shape the future of Silkroad Online on Core Station together. Your voice matters!

We wish to see some old players back in Old Journey and hoping ofc to see many new players :handsdown: in our family.
Your Core Station Team ๏ฟฝ๏ฟฝ
We wish you guys a great gameplay in Core Staton.

  • About dedicated server.
    Our server is protected and perfectly configured for a stable silkroad server, AMD Ryzen 7, SSD and powerful 64GB DDR4 ram to enjoy a perfectly gameplay without lags.
  • About Bot usage.
    Unfortunately we wonยดt support any problems/questions about botยดs. Weยดre pleased about a nice server&gameplay performance and we wonยดt reply to any questions about S- or M-Bot! Surely you can ask your guild-members for help. When your bot sell items to npc or canยดt buy drugs or return scrolls or if he even buy them but canยดt use them it is not a server problem or by our side its obviously a fault by your bot and we donยดt refund any loss.
  • Anti Virus:
    For the guys who have a problem with Ant-Virus program just put the Core Station folder as a ''exception'' in your virus program, i use AVAST and there is not a problem but some other virus program detect it as a virus...
  • About Core Station rules.
    1. Keep politics out of the game.
    2. No refund for hacked accounts/scammed items. Your task is to handle your accounts and items safely by yourself.
    3. Our global chat is international! Please accept other languages too.
    4. Multi-Accounting in our discord/forum is forbidden.
    5. We absolutely do NOT tolerate any insults, racism etc. in global chat! Chat-ban or Acc-block will happen without prior notice. (5 day chat-ban 2nd Account-block)
    6. Do not use global chat regarding religions/believes. (5 day chat-ban 2nd Account-block)
    7. Any Disrepectful behaviour towards any team member of Core-Station is not allowed. (Ban period is dependent on Admin's decision)
    8. For ingame trades please contact our Game Assistants as middleman.
    9. Donยดt abuse bugs.
    10. For support, questions, suggestions or technical problems contact us on Discord.
    11. Job trading with any kind of bots are forbidden, if we catsch you. (1. Warining 2. 7days Ban 3. Premanent Ban)
    12. Do not listen to any rumours. Core-Station works correctly and we NEVER ever sell sox weapons, high ++ items or gold for real money.
    13. On Core-Station, stucking uniques is NOT allowed.
    14. Botting on unique spawns is NOT allowed.
    15. Hosting any kind of events is NOT allowed.
    16. Dropping trader goods for yourself or any friend is NOT allowed.
    17. Using third party software to bypass limits or using VPN/Proxy/Virtual machine is strongly forbidden. (Permanent IP & HWID account block)
    18. Promoting other servers in global chat/discord/forum as advertisement is strongly forbidden. (Permanent IP & HWID account block)
    19. Do NOT share any personal information of any player, Team Member, in-game or discord at ALL. (Ban period is dependent on Admin's decision)
    20. Using OPEN MARKET on Core-Station regarding buying/selling Silk or gold is NOT allowed. (Permanent IP & HWID account block)
    21. Inside the CTF event you have to accept parties of players in your team with EXP Auto Share!

    *disclaimer/player rights*

    1. All players on Core-Station are equal, no matter if donator or non-donator.
    2. Botting is allowed, but we do NOT offer any service for s-bot, mbot or ph-bot.
    2. Youยดre allowed to report players for any insult/abuse.
    3. We do NOT refund any lost item/account when the trade happend without middleman of Core-Station Staff.
    3. Youยดve the right to get a replacement for mistakes caused by our side.
    4. Itยดs allowed to KS (kill-steal) murdering (PK) party-banning (at uniques, party DMG) because it belongs to the gameplay.
    5. You can ask Core-Station members any questions as long it's about the server/game.
    6. You can report bugs in-game to make it easier for us to fix and get rewarded. (Reward by adminยดs decision)
    7. If you got banned due to a violation against our server rules, the ONLY way to get unbanned is to contact the Head-Admin & Owner ToxicFog (unban depends on Ownerยดs decision)
    8. We do ONLY offer an Open Market for ITEMS not for in game currency like gold or silk.



  • Quest:
    We removed completely the useless quest's, we keep it like Legend III + Job Temple quest's.
  • Fortress:
    Just jangan fortress available in our server like old times, Hotan and Bandit fortress removed completely from the map, the registration time is every saturday the whole day and fortress start time is sunday at 18:00 server time. Also joining the fortress war with pets are closed.
    The Core Station Fortress War in the Jangan region is a weekly event that takes place every Sunday at 18:00.
    With an IP limit of 2 and an HWID limit of 1, clear boundaries are set for participation.
    The use of Resurrection Scrolls and Berserk Potions is disabled during the war.
    Note that your guild must have a minimum of 5 members to register for the event. This weekly battle promises intense skirmishes and strategic challenges for participating guilds.

    - Register Period every saturday from 00:01 - 23:58
    - Fortress War start period every sunday at 18:00 o'clock Server Time.

  • Honor Academy Rank:
    We've decided to keep the Honor system active and reset the Honor Rank every two weeks for a more balanced experience. This adjustment aims to be beneficial, especially for new players. Additionally, we've introduced new items in the Honor shopโ€”details can be found in the thread below. We also reduce the 8 degree honor sun item prices.
  • Magic Pop
    We've reconfigured Magic Pop, transforming it from pay-to-win to play-to-win. Starting now, Magic Pop cards can be obtained by actively participating in Capture the Flagโ€”>10 Icy Trophies grant you a 75% chance of receiving a Magic Pop card or alternative via Item Mall. We've expanded the Magic Pop rewards by adding various items, turning it into a sort of 'item mall lite.' Now, you have the chance to win avatars, immortal stones, premium plus, and much more through Magic Pop. Also the succest rates for 8 degree sox items increased.
  • Skill Balance Changes - For better balance in-game we changed some skills.
    To bring more balance into the game we changed some skills. Lighting, Cold, Bow and Force are edited.
    -[Lighting Skill Update] [Gras Walk - Speed Lv 12] The moving speed increased from 75% to 100%.
    -[Cold Skill Update] [Snow Shield - Adept 30%] required 190 INT to able to skill, STR characters can't skill up this skill.
    -[Force Skill Update] [Vital Spot - Body (Decay)] The debuff probability changed from 80% to 60%.
    -[Force Skill Update] [Vital Spot - Mind (Weaken)] The debuff probability changed from 80% to 60%.
    -[Force Skill Update] [Vital Spot - Zero (Impotent)] The debuff probability changed from 80% to 60%.
    -[Force Skill Update] [Vital Spot - Brain (Division)] The debuff probability changed from 80% to 60%.
    -[Force Skill Update] [Force Cure] Cooldown 30 Seconds instead of 0.
    -[Force Skill Update] [Cure Therapy] Cooldown 30 Seconds instead of 0.
    -[Bow Skill Update] [Devil Arrow Lv 9] Attack rate changed from 31 to [40]
    -[Bow Skill Update] [Strong Bow - Craft Lv 8] Stun Propability changed from 25 to [30%]
    -[Bow Skill Update] [Mind Concentration Lv 9] attack rate changed from 33 to [40]
  • Fixes for General Skillbugs
    Various Skills have been reworked as the casting or attacking time was bypassable (Glavier).
    - Fixed a bug where Glavie could attack abnormally fast using an imbue skill.



Explore a realm where every server feature has been carefully selected and tailored to delight every player. From personalized character customization to innovative quests, our server features promise a unique gaming experience. Dive in and witness how we elevate the gaming journey to new heights. It's worth your while โ€“ Core Station awaits your exploration
Level Area's / Teleports
For a better gameplay, we keep open the map's Alexandria Desert and Kings Valley. Also we changed the monsters there with 9 degree. The teleport point's are on Karakoram ferry aircraft dock.
Teleport Level's
- Storm and cloud desert [Level 80++]
- Kings Valley [Level 70++]


  • The teleport point's:

  • NPC Airship ticket seller Dawari

  • NPC Airship ticket seller Poy

  • Storm and cloud desert


  • Kings Valley


Emoji Skill's :)
There are also Emoji skill's available on core-station, both race's (chinese) got them. If you open a chinese character, you'll find the skill's at mastery tab European-->Legacy mastery (don't need to skill the mastery up).
  • Chinese Character:



Skill Imbues
In Flashback by Core Station you dont need to get in stress to choose the right imbue! Cold, Fire and Lighting imbue have all the same damage.

Chinese European Legacy Mastery
The chinese mastery (European) is a legacy of the died european characters.
Long time ago, europeans and Chinese fought against monsters, until the last enemy was wiped out.
The temple exposed a curse and all characters such as european and chinese were caught in the curse.
The curse completely destroyed the city of Alexandria.
All characters fought suddenly to each other until the curse was over.....(Punishment for killing all the monsters)
So many dying characters....
The end of result chinese surives hard but..... all other character's (eu) died in this war (R.I.P.).
The chinese mastery European is a legacy of the died characters.​

You don't need to level up this mastery.

  • Here some information's about the mastery for every chinese character

    - Mask Skill
    - Dupe Skills
    - Emoji's

    • Mask Skill (Chinese)
    • Dupe Skill (Chinese)
    • Emoji Skill (Chinese)


Legendary PVP Capes Return!
Today, we delve into the heart of our virtual realm to celebrate a nostalgic returnโ€”the legendary PVP-Capes.
Once again gracing the shelves of the Grocery Shop where they rightfully belong. As we embark on this journey down memory lane, let's immerse ourselves in the vibrant discussions surrounding the revitalized PVP system, reminiscent of the golden days where capes were not just accessories but keys to unlocking epic player-versus-player encounters.

To comprehend the significance of this resurgence, let's rewind the sands of time to an era when Silkroad Online first captivated our gaming hearts. The PVP system, a cornerstone of the Silkroad experience, was characterized by the iconic act of donning these powerful capes as a prelude to engaging in thrilling battles. Now, with these capes finding their way back to the Grocery Shop, it's more than just a cosmetic revivalโ€”it's a rekindling of the intense, strategic PVP clashes that defined Silkroad's allure.

  • Every Grocery Shop in any Town: (Male and Female available)

  • Take On Pvp-Cape

  • Take OFF Pvp-Cape

Which capes do you prefer? Have you already experienced epic PVP moments? What strategies do you recommend for successful battles?​

Available Titels
We had a idea with the titles in sro. Since 2005 silkroad is open and we all played there maybe not in 2005 but for sure 2006,2007,2008,2009 and maybe more. In this time was many servers online in sro like ''Xian, Athens'' and more...... This title system allows you to put a old Server name in front of your name, so maybe some lost friends or contacts from old time you are able to find again.


Based on the first Silkroad Online servers

The titles available from level 5 onward.

Open a character and begin to level, after you reach level 5
You will be Noticed like ''Congratulation for attaining 5 LV. You will receive a [TITLE] if you go to a potion merchant.''


Now it's time to meet the potion merchant (any town)

1. Click on the merchant
2. Click ''Start to converse''

3. Click ''Silkroad Online Server Title''

4. Now you are able to chiose about 25 tilte!

Choise one and click Reward!

Last Step! Click Confirm and your selected title is in your player inventory (Congratulation!)

How i can use the Title?

For example if you choise the title with the name ''Xian''

Just right Click on this scroll and your title will be shown like this.

How i can remove my Title?
In the right side of you your game is a star icon, just click on it.

Click on Title Manager.

A new window appear, now click on <No Title> and press Use Title.

Your title dissapear now.

You are able to switch everytime with you Title, just use the ''Title Manager''

Available Titles in Core Station''

- [Xian] - [Aege] - [Troy] - [Babel]
- [Athens] - [Oasis] - [Venice]
- [Greece] - [Alps] - [Tibet] - [Red Sea]
- [Rome] - [Sparta] - [Eldorado]
- [Olympus] - [Pacific] - [Alexander] - [Persia]
- [Zeus] - [Poseidon] - [Hercules]
- [Odin] - [Mercury] - [Mars] - [Venus]

Server Uniques
We care about [STR] players too thats why we added [STR] Uniques in our server.

Here, you can learn more about their abilities, locations, and rewards. For the sake of fairness, we have both normal and [STR] Uniques, and these mystical creatures appear approximately every 4 hours. Share your knowledge and experience epic encounters with fellow players. Let's together unveil the secrets of Uniques!

Spawn locations:
The spawn place's will be Original like the regular unique's spawns.

Tiger Woman - Tiger Woman [STR]

Uruchi - Uruchi [STR]

Cerberus - Cerberus [STR]

Captain Ivy - Captain Ivy [STR]

Isyutaru - Isyutaru [STR]

Lord Yarkan - Lord Yarkan [STR]

Demon Shaitan - Demon Shaitan [STR]


Apis (Kings Valley original spot Level 90)

Anubis and Isis (Sanctum of Punishment and Sanctum of Atonement, Level 90)

Selket and Neith (Sanctum of Restriction and Sanctum of Blue Eye, Level 90)

Seth and Haroeris (Sanctum of Dark and Sanctum of Immortality, Level 90)

Temple Unique Spawn Times

Unique Drops
Here is a list where you can found easy every single Unique item drops.

List of Available Pet's Part 1(Growth, Abilitiy, Vehicle, Trans Pet)
Here is the part 1 about our server pets. You are able to see the available pets in our server, maybe it will help with your decision.
Because of the graphic limit from epvp, this link redirect to our forum.

List of Available Pet's Part 2 (Fellow, Ride Pet)
Here is the part 2 about our server pets. You are able to see the available pets in our server, maybe it will help with your decision.
Because of the graphic limit from epvp, this link redirect to our forum.

Honor Shop Items
We added for a better balance some items into the honor shop, the items are available for honor points.
Hello Core Station Community,

We're thrilled to announce that the Honor Shop has undergone a significant update!
New items succesfull added to enhance your gaming experience.​

->Here are some pictures about the items in honor shop:

[Tab Honor]

[Tab Alchemy]

Sabakun's Jewel (13 Honor Point's)
Devil's Spirit Magicstone (20 Honor Point's)
Honor Alchemy Stone 8 Degree (10 Honor Point's)


[Tab Awaken]

Extension Gear (200 Honor Point's)


[Tab Other]

Inventory Expansion Item (450 Honor Point's)
Storage Expansion Item (350 Honor Point's)


Silkroad Legend III Interfaces
For a better oldschool feeling
Quest Window

Quest Text style

We changed our design and text style like it was in Silkroad Online [Legend III]

__________New Sytle________________ Legend III Style______

We do the same with the Quest Window but ours is wider than the old one [Legend III]

New Sytle

Core Station Legend III Style

Guild Interface

New Sytle

Core Station Legend III Style

Alchemy Window

New Sytle

Core Station Legend III Style

Exchange Window


Inventory Windows


Item Mall ''BUY'' Confirm Winfow




Main Character


Stall Network

Stallnetwork is back. If you're in town, simply press [F] to search for items available in the stalls.


Legend III Chin Tomb Closed


Gold Pearls & Fellow Pets
To enhance the gaming experience, we've introduced 'Gold Pears' as drops from Unique monsters. For 1-8-degree Uniques, the drop rate is 50/50, while 9-degree Uniques guarantee a 100% drop. With Gold Pears, you can now purchase Fellow pets, available in the Stable under the 'Pet' [TAB].

10 Degree Weapons :confused:
Our level 90 Uniques will be dropping 10 Degree weapons.
These weapons (no SoX) are clean (means with random blues or +) and level 90.
This addition aims to bring a fresh dynamic to the gameplay while maintaining the balance of our Core Station world.
It's important to note that there won't be any 10 Degree Magic Powder or Alchemy Stones available.
We believe this adjustment will create an exciting twist without compromising the essence of the Core experience.

Guild Mercenary's
Guild Mercenary's are back, you are able to buy it in guild manager like before, the Guild Mercenary's are spawnable every 20 minutes.

Dancing Female Characters
In our story, we've decided that our female characters possess the skill of dancing. Whether it's the rhythm of a lively beat or the grace of a slow melody, their movements weave a captivating tale on the dance floor, adding a vibrant and dynamic element to our narrative.

Drug of gales SPEED
The normal speed of the Drug of gales are 75% but we change the speed to 95% becuase of the market economy.

Devil Spirit & Damage Scrolls
For a more balanced gameplay experience, we've decided to keep the Devil Spirit effect at 10%, as well as maintaining the Damage Scrolls at 10%. We believe this adjustment will contribute to a more balanced gaming environment.

Elixir Drop Glows
Elixir drops will be shine now with different glows to get a better overview in pick up, weapon (yellow), accessory (green), protector (blue) and shield (purple).

Different types of globals
We have 3 kinds of global chatting items. 1. Normal Global (Yellow) chatting as you know. 2. Normal Global (Yellow) chatting with extra item linking. 3. VIP Global chatting with extra item linking and pink color!

Core Pearls (silk) Scroll
In our item mall (F10), we've introduced Core Pearl scrolls in quantities of 50, 100, 200, 500, 1,000, 5,000, and 10,000. You can easily purchase them with Core Pearls od Gift Pearls and then sell the pearls for gold. Buyers simply need to right-click on the core pearls scroll, and the corresponding amount of core pearls will be automatically loaded into their account.

Premium Remove Scroll and Stat Reset Scroll
To facilitate a great gameplay we add a premium remover scroll thats allows you to remove your premium after the time finish, you don't need to wait a day just right click on the scroll and your premium will be removed. The scroll remove also premium plus, normal premium, 100% exp helper, 60% exp helper and normal golden hand. There are also a stat reset scroll available in our item mall, this scroll reset your stats (str,int) and you are able to give the points from beginning. This scroll start to work from level 30 to level 90.

Map [M]
We found the map from old Silkroad BETA and implement the map (Jangan and Donwhang) to our server, also Alexandria is removed from the map.

Our weapon flows shining like it was in Legend III (+9 glow include stronger than the new one), we just add 1 more glow by weapons/shields that reach +11.
+3, +5, +7, +9, +10.

We over 100 different avatars in our Item mall, there are alot of choice to wear a good dress for your character.

Purfication pill bug Fixed
We fixed Mbot purification pill bug for a better gameplay without any cheats. It's not possible to use this bug.

Removed Dimension Pillar
We removed completely the dimension pillars to get a great grinding time without annoying Envy's.

Stackable Items
We added for a better gameplay stacks on tablets, stones, elixirs, pots and powders.
The stacks are:
-1000x Arrow
-500x Hp & Mp & Vigor
-500x Universal Pills
-50x Elixirs (Shield,Weapon,Accessory,Protector)
-100x Tablets
-50x Magic/Attribute stones
-500x Pet abnormal state recovery
-500x Purification Pills
-50x Lucky Powders
-100x Drug Of Typoon


Dear Core Family, we are proud to present a new system called ''Broken Sun''.
This system ensures a play-to-win server, making it ideal for new members. You won't see sun botters becuase the sun weapon's and shields are repair reduced. Everyone who has a sun weapon/shield needs to work to keept his sun usable.
What is this?

1. The sun weapon's and shield drop with (Available Number of Repair 3 Times). This means you are able to repair your weapon/shield just three times. After the third repair, your Sun item is broken, requiring a 'Repair Alchemy Stone' to proceed with additional repairs."
2. Each 'Repair Alchemy Stone' enhances your sun weapon's durability by [1+ repair]. For instance, if your weapon currently has 2 available repairs, using the 'Repair Alchemy Stone' will increase it to 3 repairs. Subsequent use will raise it to 4 repairs. The maximum repair capacity for your weapon is 6 times. After reaching this limit, you can wait until it drops to 5, 4, or 3 repairs before applying another 'Repaired Alchemy Stone'.
3. The 'Repair Alchemy Stone' is for both race useable, for chinese.

How to use?:​
โ€ข Open your alchemy window, place your weapon/shield, and insert the 'Repair Alchemy Stone'. Then, press 'Fuse', and your weapon/shield will successfully gain [+1 repair].

Where can I obtain 'Repair Alchemy Stones'?:​
โ€ข In every town, there's an NPC named 'Dimension Hole' located near the teleporter. In this NPC shop, you can purchase 'Dimension Hole Stones' to facilitate teleportation to the Forgotten World.
โ€ข Forgotten World - Dimension Hole (Flame Montain- *) - 1 star | Level 81-90 | 1-4 Player
โ€ข Forgotten World - Dimension Hole (Flame Montain- **) - 2 star | Level 81-90 | 1-4 Player
โ€ข Forgotten World - Dimension Hole (Flame Montain- ***) - 3 star | Level 81-90 | 1-8 Player
โ€ข Forgotten World - Dimension Hole (Flame Montain- ****) - 4 star | Level 81-90 | 1-8 Player

โ€ข Important: The more stars the Dimension Hole has, the higher the chance of obtaining a 'Repair Alchemy Stone' from the treasure box increases.

โ€ข Repair Alchemy Stones are tradeable.
โ€ข The stack of the Repair alchemy stone is 1.
โ€ข The stone is only usable for 9 degree sun weapons and shields.
โ€ข Each stone adds [+1 repair], with no chance of failure. Every stone succes.
9 Degree Sun Weapons and Sun Shields drop with "Available Number Of Repair."
The default repair limit for these items is [3] three times. Once this limit is reached, it is no longer possible to repair the 9 Degree Sun items (Weapon & Shield) conventionally. Instead, you'll need "Sun Repair Stones" to continue the repairs, and these stones drop in the (Forgotten World). Each Sun Repair Stone increases the available number of repairs by 1x.

9 Degree Weapons (CH & EU)

9 Degree Shields (CH & EU)

9 Degree Repair Stone (CH & EU) I DROP HERE! (Forgotten World) (Redirect to other forum topic.)

"We have chosen to activate the Forgotten World in the 9th degree to enhance overall gameplay, foster team collaboration, and exciting features. This decision aims to create a more immersive and rewarding experience for our community.". 'Forgotten World', often referred to as 'FGW ' is the name of the dungeons present in Silkroad Online. It contains various monsters and bosses.
Inside Dungeon FGW:
You now have access to the Dimension Hole, activated within the city (Caution: After activating a Dimension Hole or being summoned in a party, you cannot enter the Forgotten World for 10 hours!). You can also explore the Forgotten World with friends by inviting them to your party, with one member opening a Dimension Hole and teleporting into the Forgotten World.

Occasionally, you'll encounter Party Summon Stands in the Forgotten World. Click on them to summon your party members (Caution: They must be in the city and adequately equipped with potions, etc.). There are various difficulty levels as follows:
โ€ข 1* (4 Pt Members Max.)
โ€ข 2** (4 Pt Members Max.)
โ€ข 3*** (8 Pt Members Max.)
โ€ข 4**** (8 Pt Members Max.)

Dimension Holes NPC:
To maintain an old-school grinding experience, we've integrated Dimension Holes into NPCs. In every town, adjacent to the Teleporter, you'll find an NPC named Dimension Hole, where you can purchase these portals.
- 1* [Gold: 20.000000m]
- 2** [Gold: 25.000000m]
- 3*** [Gold: 30.000000m]
- 4**** [Gold: 35.000000m]

Treasure Box Reward:
Here you get the chance to drop the 'Repair Alchemy Stone'.
The treasure box's drops 9 Degree 'Repair Alchemy Stones' and some usefull other kinds of items..
With tihis stone's you are able to fill up the repair available number of your SUN weapon or shield.
The chances of obtaining these stones increase with higher star ratings, offering an exciting incentive to explore.



We'll delve into the recent changes made to the Core Station job system. These modifications have been carefully crafted to enhance game balance and introduce practical improvements.

Job Experience:
Our job level experience is customize to our job rates, this means our job rate is 11x instead of 1x that's why you level up to fast in job league, we customized the experience and it should be like normal one now, you need now longer to reach level 7 in the job league. We also modify the job pet's HP to 9 degree and removed also the recovery kit (x-large) there is just recovery kit (small) and recovery kit (large) available.
For example a 5* Trade Jangan --> Hotan cost like 18-19m, after your trade succest, your profit will be arround 50m.

Job Names
We bring back a old silkroad system into the job names, if you join in any job-league your job-name will be automatically the same as your character name. You are still able to change your job name as well.

Cooldowns and Limitations while in Job Mode​
- 4 min for Reverse Return Scrolls
- Teleportation 15 Seconds
- Berserker 10 min
- Ressurection Scroll 5 min.
To avoid cheaters, switching to job mode with more than one character is impossible. We've created a HWID Limit of 1 while in job mode.

Job Suit's & Pets
Old job suits like (Special Identy Card, Red Flag, Black Devil Suit) are back in our job Npc's. We also changed the pictures of the job pets in npc's like old times.

Wanted Hero System Job!

We're excited to introduce the Wanted Hero Mode. Players can unlock the coveted Wanted Hero Skill by achieving 10 kills in a row without dying in Job mode. This system extends up to 50 kills (Wanted Hero lvl5). However, be mindful that the skill is lost upon death, resetting the counter to zero.

Upon reaching 10 kills without dying, a notification appears, signaling that the character is now in Wanted Hero mode. To receive the skill, players must teleport. It adds an exciting element to the gameplay, encouraging strategic decisions and creating thrilling moments in our battles.

Server Notice:

Wanted Hero Mode Skill Lvl 1 (The Skill hold on for 1 hour)


We want to inform you that the Job Temple on our Core Station server has been successfully activated and is now specifically configured for the 9th Degree.
This means Temple entry level, Monster level's, Quest, Area Point's and Uniques. Below you'll find the key details about the job Cave

Temple Entry Level:
Above Level 85 ++ it's allowed to enter the job cave.

Monster level's
All monster's are original job cave monster's. Every mob in cave are Level 88. The monsters in the Job Temple have been adjusted to match the 9th Degree, providing a suitable challenge for players..

We edited every job cave quest to 9 degree. The quest's begin above level 85 ++. The whole quests for job cave works perfectly.

Area Point's
The rewards and area points in the Job Temple have been carefully revised to align with the 9th Degree, offering players appropriate benefits..

All job temple uniques are customized to 9 degree, the Level's are 90.


Check the Spawn Pace. (Redirect to other forum topic.)

Map (Storm and cloud desert)

How to teleport to Storm and cloud desert?
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We're excited to introduce you to a thrilling new addition to the game โ€“ the In-Game Lottery!
Now, every player has the chance to win Gold or Core Pearls (silk) prizes. Dare to dream and play to win! The In-Game Lottery is an exciting chance for players to win big. Immerse yourself in the excitement and let luck favor the bold!
Let's take a closer look at how it works.

How it works:
You can acquire lottery tickets in the Lottery NPC and participate in hourly, daily, or weekly draws.
Each ticket in gold cost 10m and in Core Pears -> 20 Pearls.
There will be chosen a random winner from the Selection Pool , who wins the whole content of it (minus some%) โ€“ a true stroke of luck!
The Winner will receive a Message at his Character's Message Box also the winner is being revealed via global notice.

Daily Draws:
Daily excitement and improved chances for rewarding prizes await you.
Evey Day at 00:01 Server Time.

Weekly Draws:
The highlight! Each week, dive into the jackpot and win exclusive rewards and impressive prize pools.
Evey Monday at 00:02 Server Time.

The Lottery Station located in every town next to the MagicPop.

To avoid somebody using hundreds of tickets, we've included a reuse cooldown:

โ€ข -> Daily tickets 7 hours

โ€ข -> Weekly tickets 24 hours



    F A Q - R E W A R D S

Every 2 Hours a round of Capture the Flag begins.


You can sign up in every town at NPC Event So-Ok 10 minute before the event start.
The notice about the event will be announced in a Global message.

For the Capture the Flag start, at least 4 players must have registered.

If there are not enough players registered, you will receive one message.
"Match has been cancelled because the required number of participants has not been met".

But if enough players are registered.
You will be automatically teleported to the C.T.F. - ARENA when it start.

You can not register for the Capture The Flag Event:
- If you are not in Town
- If you are wearing Job Suits
- If you are using PVP Cape
- If you are on delivery Quest
- If you are Trading or Exchanging[
- If you are on a Transport
- If you are in Guild War

When the Event Starts

You will be teleported to the Capture Flag Area.
There you will find monsters, and you and Team must to kill them until one of them drops one KEY.

The capture the flag monsters gives you 3x more exp.

What is a Ice Trophy and for what is it for?

Ice Trophy is the item that you can obtain during the 20 minutes of Event.
Each Player you Kill, you will receive 2x Ice Trophy.

At the end of the 20 minutes the team that won the match.
Will get 10x Ice Trophys as an additional reward.

That NPC is the Event So-Ok

You can talk to her in any Town.
With 10x Ice Trophies, you can get some Random Reward.

These are the possible items that can be obtained by Ice Trophys.
Remember that, the item that you will get is 1 Random Item from that list.

Magic Pop Card

Reverse Return Scroll
Instant Return Scroll

Lucky Magic Stone 9 Degree

Tadpole Bomb Fireworks
Global Chatting

Magic Pop Card
Magic Pop Card

Magic Pop Card
Magic Pop Card

10x Elixirs Shield
10x Elixirs Weapon
10x Elixirs Accessory
1x Elixirs Protector

Super Scroll (moving speed 110%)


As you can see there is a huge chance to Win Magic Pop Card

Step into the excitement of our server events at Core Station! Here's your chance to discover the thrill of earning free Core Pearls (silks). Join us in these engaging events where rewards await those who dare to participate. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your gaming experience and collect valuable Core Pearls. Your journey to extraordinary rewards begins here at Core Station's dynamic server events!
Last Man Standing Event, Monday - Saturday at 14:30 o'clock Server Time


Survival Event, Monday - Saturday at 18:30 o'clock Server Time


Tower Defend Event, Monday - Saturday at 21:30 o'clock Server Time


Event Resgister method: (Only in Towns)​




Start items in your Inventory:

- 14 days gold 5 hour ticket
- 1 Day 100% Exp Helper
- 20x Return Scroll
- 40x Reverse Return Scroll
- 7 Days Drug of typoon (100% speed)
- 2x 8000 HP Recover potion
- 2x 8000 MP Recover potion
- 20x Beginner Scroll of Movement
- 21 Days Monkey Summon Scroll (Pet)
- 5x Global Chatting
- 30000 Skill Points


Dear Silkroad Community,

We sincerely hope you'll enjoy our server! Our aim is to build a thriving community together and bring back the golden days of SILKROAD.
We've dedicated two years to perfecting this server, addressing every minor issue to recreate the experience of Legend III.
This server is tailored for Silkroad enthusiasts.
If you believe you can reach Level 90 Full Farmed or +12 +13 +14 in just 3 days, we kindly ask you not to start here.
Our focus is on delivering an authentic gaming experience, allowing every player to fully immerse themselves in the world of Silkroad.
Let the games begin! Together, we can make this journey an unforgettable adventure.
Share your experiences, form alliances, and relive the magic of Silkroad.
Here's to an exciting time together!

SRO File | Hash sro_client.exe |5144d978414ae35d5bb1bf428eb993c2b0aecb6a3481a0d5ac557adbc71ccc66
replacer.exe |0baa7f4608b38df8fa843c0619dd610166cda5d0a586f0a4f202fc265b1a8781
Silkroad.exe |e17853e3fb61d649414a66f8047124d8133ade70c863077d116abd6457ba4461
MaxiGuard.dll |81ceb730215ef3c0b036cf417d94328431f4a907e62fc7366d979126b9a6c387

Support this server ''Signature''
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